EOP Advising Scheduler

The EOP Appointment Scheduler is available for EOP students only.
New appointments are available on a daily basis. Appointments must be made 2-10 days in advance.

All students may schedule appointments with EOP Counselors.

First Year students may schedule appointments with EOP Counselors and are encouraged to also meet with an EOP Peer Mentor. EOP Peer Mentors can assist EOP First Year students with the following:

  • Count as a "contact" to meet towards the program requirement
  • Answer general questions about EOP, basic University policies, and campus resources.
  • Assistance with running automated advising tools (ARR, Class Schedule, Degree Planner, etc.).
  • Answer questions concerning ELM and EPT Proficiency courses, testing and requirements.
  • Meet with EOP Freshman to check in on their matriculation experience to CSUSM.